The CATGlobal Testing Network and its companion web site,, provide a number of resources for test takers, test administrators, and test sponsors.

  • Test takers benefit from easy-to-follow procedures to schedule, cancel, or reschedule a test appointment, pay for a test with a credit card or voucher, and view personal and test history information. The system issues each test taker a personal ID and password when scheduling a test appointment. You can create a Test Taker account online.

  • Test administrators have the ability to view scheduled tests, view or change test center information, schedule tests, and file any error reports. Promissor trains testing center personnel to ensure that testing sessions will be conducted in accordance with Promissor policies and procedures. A team of channel support specialists and customer service staff provide additional support to testing center administrators. Sign up for information on becoming an authorized Promissor Testing Center.

  • Test sponsors have access to test development tools and follow-up reports on testing activity and data. Sign up for information on becoming a Test Sponsor.

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