When scheduling tests, most tests can be paid for by credit card, debit card and/or electronic check. Vouchers offer another convenient way to pay for tests. Anyone can buy vouchers and redeem them later when scheduling tests. You can buy vouchers online (by credit card) singly or in volume, sometimes with significant volume discounts. (Offers vary according to program.) To redeem a voucher as payment when scheduling a test, simply indicate Voucher as the payment method and provide the voucher number.

Buying vouchers is a simple way for organizations to encourage testing. Managers may buy vouchers to pass on to employees, thereby simplifying expense reporting, providing a benefit to employees without credit cards, and possibly saving money too. Testing centers that offer training find that including test vouchers in their training packages encourages their customers to test where they train.

If your testing program is not listed on the drop down box below, then vouchers are not available for that program. Hence, you are not able to buy one and therefore you must pay by credit card/debit card and/or electronic check when scheduling tests.

To purchase vouchers by credit card, please indicate the type and number of vouchers you wish to buy below.

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