is the nucleus of electronic testing and assessment services provided by Promissor. Promissor provides global, technology-based testing and assessment solutions that support enterprise-wide business processes. We specialize in creating easy-to-use solutions for hard-to-solve problems.

Our solutions combine tools and technologies for:

  • Managing test and assessment content, from item authoring and banking items to building and publishing tests

  • Delivering that content when and where it is needed, according to the rules of the program

  • Data services that return test takers' results immediately and give program sponsors the information they need to evaluate and manage their programs effectively and efficiently is the center for program management. It provides functions and resources for several broad groups of participants in testing and assessment:

Test takers can access the site for all their testing needs, from scheduling and rescheduling test appointments to viewing their personal testing records. Once registered as users, test takers for most programs can access these and other functions simply by entering their personal IDs and passwords.

Test administrators use to manage their testing centers and serve their test takers. Options may vary according to individual roles but can include viewing appointment schedules, changing center hours and other information, and scheduling test appointments.

Test sponsors will find tools for managing various facets of their programs, from downloading applications used for building tests to viewing the results data from those tests after delivery to test takers. Access can be defined to fit the many roles that are needed to develop and maintain a testing program.

Promissor also provides consulting services to those interested in sponsoring testing and assessment. We can help determine needs your program should address and appropriate solutions for addressing them, develop appropriate items and defensible tests, and design appropriate ways to integrate solutions within your organization and testing population.

For more information, please contact Promissor or visit the main Promissor web site at

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